Fiction Writer Deborah Willis on Becoming a Writer, Distractions, and Retraining Her Brain

At Freedom we love our users – not just because they use our product but because they’re cool – cool people working on cool stuff. Academy Award-nominated screenwriters, best-selling authors, editors, designers, star TV actors & writers, academic researchers, and entrepreneurs – the Freedom community is packed with curious, creative, and efficient go-getters. We love to share their stories and advice, because how better to learn about productivity than from the productive?

This week’s Freedom spotlight goes to award-winning fiction writer Deborah Willis. Born and raised in Calgary, Canada, Willis’ stories have received various awards and have appeared in The Iowa Review, The Virginia Quarterly, Lucky Peach, and Zoetrope.

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2017: Making a Schedule that Helps You Help Yourself

When you hear about the routines of the most productive people, they often include tasks like 5 a.m. wakeups, 6-mile jogs, and guilt-free smoothies. Tasks that should all be simple enough to incorporate if you are a well-oiled productivity machine – but unfortunately, chances are you’re not a robot.

For 2017 we’ve created a five-part blog series that focuses less on adding and doing more, and more on simply being present and focused with things as they are. If you missed Part 1 on mindful meditation or Part 2 on being present with those who matter, Part 3 on improving your habits by improving your sleep, click the links above!

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2017: Boost Your Productivity and Health with Better Sleep

When it comes to your mental and physical health, there is no doubt that quality sleep is essential.

Most of us know the dreaded sluggish feeling the next day after a poor night’s sleep, however not all of us are aware of the more subtle, yet severe effects sleeping problems can have on our brain’s ability to function.

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2017 : Don’t Change What You’re Doing, Change How You’re Doing It

With the fireworks over and the hangovers subsided, resolution season is now officially in full swing. Each year, we take time to review our lives and decide which habits we hope to create or get rid of in order to live a more fulfilled life.

We pledge to exercise more, eat better, save more, be more productive, be less stressed, wake up earlier, stop procrastinating, and just generally achieve more. We pledge to be happier. Unfortunately, life is complicated and come February or March, our new routines are often abandoned and forgotten.

All of us are susceptible to losing our determination and motivation. So this year, maybe it’s time to try something different. Instead of changing what you’re doing, change the way you’re doing it.

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How to Succeed in a World of Distraction

At Freedom we are lucky to have many of our users write about their experience. From tweets to published articles – the Freedom community is buzzing with productivity strategy, advice, and experiments for a more focused, fulfilled life.

Life is filled with all kinds of distractions – whether from family, friends, work, school, or devices, it’s easy to lose focus or squander time while trying to complete a task, goal, objective, or dream. So this week’s article focus on how to create routines for consistent productivity and achieve results by avoiding tempting distractions.

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How to Maintain Your Sanity While Working in a Group

While at school, when a professor or teacher announced a group project – I cringed. It’s not that I was an introvert or hated collaborating with others, but rather that my experience with group work in the past taught me to fear it. Too often my group projects had turned into uneven workloads, nightmare group messages, misunderstandings, unorganized time management, and cramming.

For me, group work almost always meant twice the work with all the added elements of finding suitable meeting times, dividing up the work, deciding who does what, and then constantly checking in on everyone to make sure the work is being done. In many cases, the collaboration itself was often more work than the project at hand.

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Focus for Marketing Professionals

You’re a full stack marketer at a small company or startup. Your role requires you to manage, analyze, and translate various data feeds into insight and action on a daily basis. You’re naturally data driven and find reward in checking real-time stats and monitoring progress.

However, much like email and social media, monitoring real-time data feeds can turn into an impulsive habit – one that wastes time and reduces productivity. On an average day at work, how many dashboards and services are you checking?

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