Adam Alter: Irresistible Technology

Meet Adam Alter. Alter is a psychology and marketing professor at the University of New York and a New York Time’s best-selling. His academic research focuses on judgment and decision-making, as well as social psychology – with a focus on how subtle cues in our environment shape our behaviors and thinking. His most recent work, Irresistible (2017), examines the troubling modern phenomena of behavioral addictions, especially in regard to many of our digital technologies, such as Instagram, Facebook, Netflix, Fitbit, and email.

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Alex Soojung-Kim Pang: Digital Distraction and Rest

Leisure and sleep need as much protection from digital devices as our ability to focus

We usually think of our digital devices and lives distracting us from work, or capturing our attention when we should be concentrating on other things. For critics of digital culture, checking social media at work, or texting while driving, are go-to examples of how technology takes over our lives.

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It’s Time for a Mid-Week Productivity Boost

At Freedom we are lucky to have many of our users write about their experience. From tweets to published articles – the Freedom community is buzzing with productivity strategy, advice, and experiments for a more focused, fulfilled life.

This week’s articles focus on tackling major productivity pain points – including procrastination, focus, digital addictions, and sluggish mornings.

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7 Ways to Use Freedom to Do the Things That Matter Most

Freedom was created by our CEO Fred Stutzman in order to help him avoid distractions and be more productive while writing his PhD. However, since releasing the new Freedom platform, our diverse and talented Freedom community has found many ways to use Freedom other than just to improve their productivity at work.

Instead of us coming up with ways to use Freedom, we figured we’d step aside and let our users share the many ways that they are using Freedom to live happier, healthier, more fulfilled lives.

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Cal Newport: On Value and Digital Minimalism

The Complexities of Simple

The core idea of digital minimalism is to be more intentional about technology in your life. Digital minimalists carefully curate these technologies to best support things they value.

The idea sounds simple when presented at the high-level, but in practice it dissolves into complexities.

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Fiction Writer Deborah Willis on Becoming a Writer, Distractions, and Retraining Her Brain

At Freedom we love our users – not just because they use our product but because they’re cool – cool people working on cool stuff. Academy Award-nominated screenwriters, best-selling authors, editors, designers, star TV actors & writers, academic researchers, and entrepreneurs – the Freedom community is packed with curious, creative, and efficient go-getters. We love to share their stories and advice, because how better to learn about productivity than from the productive?

This week’s Freedom spotlight goes to award-winning fiction writer Deborah Willis. Born and raised in Calgary, Canada, Willis’ stories have received various awards and have appeared in The Iowa Review, The Virginia Quarterly, Lucky Peach, and Zoetrope.

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2017: Getting Rid of Distraction

January is the month of resolutions. We pledge to exercise more, eat better, save more, be more productive, be less stressed, wake up earlier, stop procrastinating, and just generally do more. We pledge to be happier.

Unfortunately, life is complicated and come February or March, our new routines are often abandoned and forgotten – which is normal! All of us are susceptible to losing our determination and motivation.

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