Announcing Freedom’s new iOS app and subscription options


Freedom 2.0 for iOS – make your iPhone less distracting

It’s now easier than ever to block distractions on your iPhone with Freedom 2.0 for iOS. We’ve incorporated a new technology that makes blocking your distractions and controlling Freedom sessions a breeze. We’re calling it Freedom 2.0 because we’ve completely redesigned our blocking functionality.  Here are some highlights:

  • No more VPN connection.  Freedom 2.0 for iOS never needs to connect to a VPN. It’s extremely fast, and completely secure. You’ll be distraction-free as soon as you start a session, and you’ll never have to see the VPN icon again!
  • Ultra-fast and secure App Blocker. Ensures your phone won’t distract you
  • Locked mode. Controls are now in-app. Keeps you on task by preventing logout during a session
  • Curated filters. Ready-to-go blocklists of the most distracting sites and apps

How did we do it?

Freedom 2.0 for iOS uses a new Apple technology that allows us to implement a blocklist directly on your phone – just like with our desktop apps. It’s fast, completely private, and never connects to our servers.

New Freedom Plans and (lower) Pricing

We’ve completely restructured our pricing to make Freedom more accessible and to offer more flexibility for our customers. Now when you upgrade, all Freedom features are included in every account.  Here are our subscription options for Freedom Premium:

  • Yearly: (formerly $45 per year) is now only $29 per year ($2.42 per month.)
  • Monthly: a new plan for $6.99 per month.
  • Forever: pay $119 once and have Freedom and future upgrades forever.
  • Free trial: try 7 Freedom sessions, absolutely free (no credit card required.)

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I still don’t understand why we can’t name our block lists. It seems like it would be so easy to implement and would be so useful to the end users.


Here’s how you can name your blocklists in Freedom:

login to Freedom dashboard:
go down to "Blocklists" and click "Add a blocklist"
in the field "Name your blocklist" type the name you’d like for your blocklist.
add any custom sites or apps you’d like to block & any of the preset blocks you’d like to include
Click "Save"

Your blocklist with the name you created will be added to your list of blocklists.
Here’s a video cued up to the section that walks through it:


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