5 Tips to Study and Write Like a Pro

Back-to-school season is in. You might have made it through your first day of school, but as the year continues – you’ll need more than a new outfit and a good breakfast to keep you motivated and focused.

Whether starting high school, finishing college, or tackling a PhD, writing and studying are a part of daily life. Although these things may never be easy, these are a few tips and tricks you can use to make achieving your goals as painless as possible.

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How to Make Your Dream School Year a Reality

As the first day of school looms around the corner, it’s time to do a resolution reset. Whether you’re starting a new chapter of school or trying to finish strong, now is the time to think about what habits you need to change to make this year better than the last. Too often our productivity and success suffers as a result of online distractions, procrastination, and poor time management.

Here are some of our favorite articles on everything from procrastination to habit formation and the best tools and tricks to make your dream school year a reality.

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Avoid These 3 Habits to Have a Great School Year

As temperatures and humidity levels peak and the month of August draws to a close, the thought of school starts to loom in the distance.

Whether you’re entering or finishing high school, trying to maintain your GPA for law school, or attempting the daunting task of writing a PhD, the end of August signals a new beginning – a time to review and reset resolutions.

Regardless of your age, school, or goals, there are common problems that plague all students. Distractions, procrastination, and poor time management are often the prime suspects in any loss of productivity, motivation, and success.

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A Poké in the Eye of Productivity

Pokémon GO. What started as a reaction to a harmless 2014 Google April Fools joke, has rapidly become a worldwide phenomenon. With over 60 million installs and 10 million daily active users, it’s not uncommon to find clusters of millennials glued to their phone screens in seemingly random locations across the globe. It’s a lot of fun. But there’s just one problem: according to a recent Forbes poll over 69% of Pokémon GO users play at work. 

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What Negative News Is Doing to Your Health and How You Can Stop It

At some point recently, you have probably felt as though the world was coming to an end. It is almost impossible to get online without being force-fed news of the latest world disaster. Buzzes, tweets, notifications, and news feeds create a constant barrage of headlines detailing shootings, terrorist attacks, hate crimes, plane crashes, political upheaval, and human rights violations that seem almost impossible to escape.

Our exposure and awareness of such tragedies is unprecedented. Our 24-hour news cycle now seeks our attention incessantly through a multitude of channels, and with a speed and frequency that was previously unimaginable.

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Productivity’s Power Couple: Freedom + The Pomodoro Technique

By now, you have likely at least heard of the Pomodoro Technique. The technique was developed in the 1980s by a man named Francesco Cirillo who used a tomato-shaped kitchen timer, (pomodoro means tomato in Italian,) to split his work into manageable chunks.

The technique is simple at its core – set a timer, work until it rings, and then take a break. In return, this technique promises to improve mental focus, agility, creativity, and reduce anxiety – benefits that would appeal to most.

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3 Things To Help You Get Your Focus Back When You’ve Lost It

“One way to boost our will power and focus is to manage our distractions instead of letting them manage us.” – Daniel Goleman

It took me a long time to write this piece.

I found myself researching quotes (finally settling on the very appropriate Daniel Goleman one above), which led me to other websites that had nothing to do with what I was really writing about. Then I started to think about the things I haven’t been focusing on as much as I should. Inevitably, this led me to think about what things I should set aside in order to focus on the right things.

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