Looking Back at Freedom’s First Year

This week Freedom turns one. Since launching the Freedom platform out of beta last September, over 200,000 of you have made Freedom a crucial part of your home and work routines. We are humbled and inspired every day by the accomplishments of our Freedom community. As authors, entrepreneurs, professors, students, researchers, artists and programmers, you have learned, published, launched, painted, created, taught, and committed to doing the things that matter. And for that we thank you.

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Cal Newport: A Productivity Lesson from a Classic Arcade Game

The Distracted Gamer

A reader recently shared with me an interesting observation from his own life.

To provide some context, this reader is a fan of the classic arcade game snake (shown above). This game is hard: as your snake grows, it requires an increasing amount of concentration to avoid twisting back on yourself and ending the round.

What this reader noticed was that whenever he paused the game for a quick interruption (e.g., answering a text or talking to someone who walked into the room), he became significantly more likely to fail soon after returning to play.

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It’s Time to Take a Look at Your Digital Habits

It’s time to talk about digital addiction. Maybe when you think of digital addiction you think of hardcore gamers glued to their computer screens for 18 hours a day and maybe that’s not you, but how much time do you spend checking your phone? Email? Notifications? Social media?

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Freedom Founder and CEO, Fred Stutzman, on Building an App to Fight Distraction

This week we decided to sit down with Freedom’s founder and CEO, Fred Stutzman. Fred’s expertise lies in the science of distraction and focus – a journey that began in 2009 when his favorite coffee shop work spot acquired a dangerous feature – wireless internet. With this new installation, Fred now found that his favorite spot was no longer a safe haven of distraction-free focus that he so required while writing his PhD dissertation. Instead, he now had to constantly battle his urge to check email, notifications, and the rest of the web. After noticing the slump in his productivity, he decided to do something about it. He created Freedom’s predecessor – a simple program that would block the internet for a specified amount of time.

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Academic Expert Daniel Wong on the Habits You Need This School Year

Meet Daniel Wong. An academic expert and bestselling author of “The Happy Student: 5 Steps to Academic Fulfillment and Success.” As a certified counselor and coach, Daniel has one mission: “To empower students with the mindset and methods to lead a meaningful and marvelous life—and show parents how they can help, too.”

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5 Tips to Study and Write Like a Pro

Back-to-school season is in. You might have made it through your first day of school, but as the year continues – you’ll need more than a new outfit and a good breakfast to keep you motivated and focused.

Whether starting high school, finishing college, or tackling a PhD, writing and studying are a part of daily life. Although these things may never be easy, these are a few tips and tricks you can use to make achieving your goals as painless as possible.

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How to Make Your Dream School Year a Reality

As the first day of school looms around the corner, it’s time to do a resolution reset. Whether you’re starting a new chapter of school or trying to finish strong, now is the time to think about what habits you need to change to make this year better than the last. Too often our productivity and success suffers as a result of online distractions, procrastination, and poor time management.

Here are some of our favorite articles on everything from procrastination to habit formation and the best tools and tricks to make your dream school year a reality.

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